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   Our Product Line



   Shanaz Hussain

   O3+ (plus) 


















Fresh Hair

   Hair Cuts

   Hair Spa

   Hair Colors


   Hair Treatment

   Hair Styles




Fresh Face


   Regular Cleansing

   Deep Cleansing


   Facial Treatments

   Mole and Tag Removal

   Facial Peelings

   Facial Dermabration


Special Face Packs

Special Face Packs is like half facial done:

~ Whitening Fairness Face Pack

Anti-Aging & Anti-Acne Pack

~ O3+ Whitening, Gold and Diamond Pack

~ Cashmere Face Pack (Sensitive, Anti-ageing and Revitalizing)

~ Glow Pack

~ Thermoherb Pack for Matured and Pigmented Skin

Special Face Pack


   Whitening Fairness Face Pack

   Anti Ageing Pack

   Anti - Acne Pack

   O3+ Whitening

   Cashmere Face Pack

   Instant Glow Pack

   Thermoherb Pack